Translation Rates

The rates are established based on the number of words of the source language (i.e. the original text) and the technical level of the document. The specified rates include the review of the work done. The number of words is determined by the computer statistical data. However, a minimum fee will be applied to texts of less than 250 words. In case the format used doesn’t provide statistical information, the number of words will then be the count of the target language (i.e. the translated text).

In some particular cases, an increase of 25% will be calculated – for example, orders that need to be translated outside normal working hours, documents provided in a non-modifiable format or technical texts. In order to avoid the extra costs, it is thus desirable to allow a reasonable timeframe for the translation and to submit a text in a modifiable format.

Any change made during the order execution may result in additional costs. It is recommended that you send the text in its final version. It will always be possible for you to make some changes later on, of which you will need to inform me so that I integrate them into the French version.


Editing and proofreading Rates

The work is billed per hour, with a minimum of one (1) hour being invoiced.

Tip: If you’re still hesitating in making use of the services of a professional translator, you may find it helpful to read this document A guide to buying translations (link) (developed by the Institute of Translation and Interpreting). It will inform you of the relevance of using a professional service while also helping you to avoid some basic mistakes and unnecessary costs.