How to proceed?

You have a text that needs to be translated or edited in French and you don’t know how to go about it. The following information gives you some tips and explanations relating to the conduct of a project.

Request for Quotation

In general, everything occurs electronically (click here (link to Contact) to access my contact information).

  • You send me an email in which you outline your project;
  • You specify in it the date by which you would like the text returned as well as the type of service you need (translation, editing, or proofreading);
  • Wherever possible, you attach the text that needs to be processed;
  • If your text isn’t complete, then please identify also in your message its approximate number of words, anticipated format and topic;
  • You will receive an answer within 24 hours.

Good to know: The translation capacity of a professional averages 1,800 to 2,000 words per day. Translation is a long and demanding process differing according to the text nature (website, speech, report, etc.); to provide you with an optimal quality service, I need to have reasonable deadlines. So please don’t wait until the last minute as haste is detrimental to accuracy. The earlier the better, for both of us.


Order Confirmation

The quotation is valid for two weeks. A simple confirmation email stands as a contract. It must contain the following information:          

  • the final version of the document to be processed (for translations, if changes are made to the version provided to quote for the job, the price will be adjusted according to the software number of words);
  • a previous version of the text, if any;
  • any existing material on the topic (glossary, internal documents, etc.);
  • the contact information of a person available to answer potential questions during the work process;
  • the desired delivery timeframe;
  • the billing contact information.

Upon receipt of your (written) message, I will send you a summary of our agreement (service, number of words or estimated work duration, and timeframe).


Text Delivery and Billing

Once your texts are ready, you will receive them via email.

The invoice is sent to you the same day the work is delivered. Invoices are payable within 30 days. If you are or become a regular customer, you can choose to receive monthly invoices setting out all the work done during the month. A down payment is payable for any order for which the estimated amount is greater than €1,000.